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Navigate your gyroball to the glowing goal of each level without falling off the platforms.
Halloween --- K
It is halloween and the witches are flying... it is up to you to shoot them down. You have 1 live, shoot as many as you
Happy Shopper
You are on your way to the shops you find that its sale day and its very buzy people are on the road you have to miss th
Hau Den Dax
Let the power sky rocket hit it and see what your rating is on the graph.
Hip-hop Debate
Bush & Kerry battle in a Hip Hop Style. Place your vote.
Hobbit Rampage
Explore the land of Middle Earth as a hobbit, defeat dangerous enemies with daggers, swords and other weapons.
Hold Your Drink
The object of the game is to not spill your drink.
Hollywood Buzz
Shoot down hollywood celebrities using the TV remote.
Move your hover-bot around, collect volts before you run out of fuel and avoid dangerous obstacles.
Hungry Hippaul
Someone has been throwing fruit in the river. Gobble up as much of it as you can without drowning or getting hit by logs
Hyper Sphere
Your space station has been hijacked by a virus which has turned all onboard defenses against you. Use the Hyper Sphere
Idiot Test
How smart are you? More importantly, how dumb are your friends? Take the super-scientific Idiot Test and find out once a
Help Simon keep her diary from being stolen by her dweeb brother.
Click the packages to make them fall into the package collection boxes. Some packages should not be collected.
A really nice claymation (clay animation) made by molding a clay figure and filming it.
Interactive Boo
Select a song and break out the funky weird moves to each of the beats.
Interactive Boo
Make the guy do funky dance moves like disco, pimped out moves, clapping and more to the music.
Interactive Bud
Change textures, modify physics, play radio, shoot missiles, throw hand grenades and play with pyrotechnics.
Pull blocks from the middle/bottom and try to not make the tower fall by placing them on the top.
Jesus a Tribute
Who do you think Jesus is?
Joe Barbarian
Jump from platform to platform avoid dangers like mines and explosives.
Try to get across the water by jumping from boat to boat.
Do as the title says , and jump.
A very addictive game! Rack up points by jumping on like-colored wagons.
Jumpin Jacko
Try and make it to the doors without being touched by the other people.