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Dolphin olympic
Help your dolphin perform tricks to score as many points as possible in 2 minutes!
Donald ball
oose your character and keep the ball bouncing!
Dont let go!
Hold the button and don't let go of it for as long as you can!
Draw Play
Draw the man towards the flag in order to beat this game.
Drunk walk
Help the drunk man stay on his legs for as long as possible!
Dwarf on a Whar
Throw the dwarfs to get them on the boat
Easy cruise
Try to dock the boat safty in the harbour!
Egg Run
Collect the twig in the least possible shots and reach for the ladder!
Help the bunny catch as many Easter Eggs as he can. Avoid the stripey ones!
Click on the evil squares and keep your amazing circle alive.
ER wheeler
Pick up the patients who come to your ER waiting room looking for help.
Escape Dursley
Drive Harry Pottor
Extreme Skate
Negotiate through the course, avoid obstacles and reach each checkpoint in time!
F1 pit stop!
Make a pit stop and check how fast your team works!
Fairy fishing
Help the gnome to catch all the magic fairies with his fishing hook.
Fall down
Keep the ball from going off the top of the screen.
Fish hunt!
Help the cat complete all of the 6 missions!
Fish Hunter 2
Shoot the speer to catch as many fish you can!
Fish Tales
Eat yourself big, and go to the next level!
Help the boy collect fruit and throw it into the corresponding basket!
Flamingo Drive
Just play some golf with some pinguins, try it! it's fun!
Help Pacman eat all the dots and avoid the monsters!
Try to hit the opposite tank with your gunfire!
Use your swatter and kill as many flies as you can!
Flight chase
Gather all the green spheres, get points and go to the next level!